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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Us

Quality Electrical Connectors - Electrical Contractor in Pittsburg, PA

#4. Service Drop Connections from Pole to House

Quality crimp connectors are essential to sealing out moisture that can lead to corrosion and product failure!

We use permanent one-piece aircraft grade aluminum crimp connectors. Our crimp tool will compress the connector onto the conductor with 9000 pounds of force in six different places per conductor. That's 27 tons per wire! Once crimped onto the conductor, rain & snow are sealed out forever.
BRAND X CONTRACTOR: Competitors use three-piece parallel clamps (usually the same corroded ones already in place) to join the conductors, generating less than 200 pounds of force. This three-piece connector was never designed to keep moisture out. The reason they use them is because they cost nothing. Once tape is applied, you will never know whether it was a new clamp or the corroded one installed by the power company when the house was built decades ago. one-piece crimp connectors are easily identified by their unique cylindrical shape.
Sealing electrical box - Electrical Contractor in Pittsburg, PA

#3 Reason to Choose Us

Service Entrance Cable into Meter Base
This is the primary pathway in which water enters into your service cable and, ultimately, into your new breaker panel!

We use a three-way seal. First, we utilize high quality, rain-tight connectors with a thick rubber grommet that compresses tightly around the cable. Next, we apply a bead of rubberized silicone around the cable. Finally, we form a layer of soft putty “Duxseal” over top of the connector, sealing moisture for life.
BRAND X CONTRACTOR: Many competitors will only use a regular non-weather tight service entrance connector in the meter base and then glob a fist sized ball of soft putty “Duxseal” around it. This will likely seal out rain & snow as long as the putty remains soft, usually about 10 to 15 years. After that, the putty will start to pull away from the service cable and water will start to seep in. As water freezes in these small fissures, it will eventually form a crack down through the putty into the meter base. Over time this steady stream of water will run across the meter to the “inside” of the service cable and finally into the breaker panel & breakers. The result: rust forming on the bottom of the fuse/breaker panel and, potentially the breakers!
Sealing the Service entrance - Electrical Contractor in Pittsburg, PA

#2 Reason to Choose for your Fuse Panel Upgrade

Service Entrance Cable into House
Sealing the service entrance cable where it enters the house is one of the most often overlooked parts of a new electric service installation.

Should this be neglected, even the smallest amount of water working its way into the breaker panel will destroy new breakers.
This is why we use Quikcrete Mortar mix instead of soft putty, preventing water from riding down the “outside” of the service cable. Not satisfied with just using water with the mix we went a step further and used Quikcrete Bonding Adhesive instead of water. We noticed over the years that service entrance cables sealed with mortar cracked around the edges where the mortar meets the brick or block even while most of the mortar was still intact. With the use of this quality bonding agent, this is virtually eliminated leaving a rigid barrier to last a lifetime.

BRAND X CONTRACTORS: The vast majority of COMPETITORS use only soft putty “Duxseal” when sealing a service cable entering the house because, it's easier, faster and they don't have to carry more material (mortar mix) on the truck. Even if they used mortar mix instead of soft putty it is unlikely they would use a bonding adhesive in place of water. A small detail... until it becomes a major problem.
Grounding electrical work - Electrical Contractor in Pittsburg, PA

#1 Reason to Choose for your Fuse Panel Upgrade

The grounding of a breaker panel is, hands down the most critical element of your electrical system. Not only does your personnel safety rely on proper grounding, but the smooth operation of the breakers depends on it. Every component of your electric service could be installed first rate, but if the grounding is not done correctly, serious problems could arise.

We go beyond what is required to meet the local codes. The City of Pittsburgh requires only one 8'X 5/8"
galvanized ground rod. We use two. Next, we run a #6 solid copper ground wire (many contractors use aluminum) to the ground rods and a ground wire to the water meter where the water pipe service enters the house. We are the only contractor that sprays clear urethane on new water clamps for the ground wire, resulting in a virtually permanent barrier to corrosion of the main grounding electrode. Moreover, we sand the copper water pipe down to a shiny new copper finish to give the best ground possible. You won't find a better ground than one installed by Be .

BRAND X CONTRACTOR: Too often, we have encountered a customer that had their electric service installed at a “bargain price” by a family member, friend or someone they located in the local “Want Adds”. Upon inspection, we discover not only didn't they install two ground rods, there wasn't even a single ground rod present! Moreover, they neglected to run the required grounding electrode conductor to the water meter and left the old clamps in place, practically eliminating any type of safe ground[ Always use a registered electrician.

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